What is a Placenta Encapsulation collection kit and why do I need it?

Placenta Encapsulation services are regulated by Food Standards. In order to keep your placenta safe for consumption, we have the responsibility of chilling your placenta quickly to a safe temperature for storage. This needs to happen as soon as possible after birth to ensure the correct temperatures are met.

A collection kit includes ice packs and storage bags and container inside a cool bag including a liner bag to keep everything safe within it. You must follow the safety instructions on the information leaflet within your kit. Your midwife or doctor will be able to follow the guidance for healthcare professionals which is included in the kit to safely store the placenta inside the kit.

After your baby has arrived, you or your partner will contact Nikki at The Placenta Element as soon as possible after birth to arrange collect your placenta. This will be arranged for a convenient time to meet outside your home or hospital. If Nikki is your doula, she can take care of this for you from start to finish.

When should I book my placenta remedies?

It is possible to book placenta remedies at any stage of pregnancy. It is advised that you book by at least 37 weeks so your kit can be delivered to you with time to freeze the ice blocks. Short notice bookings may result in disappointment if our schedule is already full for the week you are due to have your baby. You can use the booking form to do this.

Can I buy vouchers as a gift for placenta remedies?

You may want to gift the benefits of placenta remedies to a friend or family member for a baby shower or pregnancy gift. Once you have booked you will receive a voucher for the value you have purchased, and a collection kit will be posted to them as soon as they hav completed the booking form. For more information please contact Nikki.

Can I choose more than one type of remedy?

Yes you can! Many people choose placenta pills as they are a popular choice for new mothers as part of their postnatal recovery plan. You can also have a one off smoothie or placenta smoothie packs, and add on tincture or homeopathy. There are packages available on the booking form, or you can build your own remedies package.

Can I pay the balance in installments for my placenta remedies?

Payment plans for Placenta Remedies are available. You can pay by card or bank transfer. A deposit of £50 starts you off with the full balance usually due by the time baby arrives. You can also arrange for a card payment to be taken each month up to 3 months after your due date for packages over £300.

Why is there a collection fee for my area?

If there is a collection fee added to the area you live, this is because of the additional time it takes to travel to you for collection and travel back to process your remedies. In some instances this means additional mileage beyond my usual area and up to 3 hours travelling, which is reflected in the collection fee.

Contact me for further information if your questions are not answered above.