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Testimonials from parents who use their placenta remedies



"I just wanted to thank you for our placenta pills, I honestly feel like they have magic powers, and I call them my happy pills! I was a little sceptical at how good they could be, but after struggling following the birth of my first and ending up with PND I felt that any help I could get was worth a try.

Since giving birth 5 and a half weeks ago I’ve felt great, so positive and energised. From the moment i first took them on day 3 I genuinely started to notice a difference, I felt stronger! My recovery has been fantastic, I’ve successfully breast fed this time, with milk often spraying around which tells me my supply is going well. Bleeding stopped within a couple of weeks, and physically I feel great, it’s been frustrating to have to wait for my 6 week check to get back to the gym, where last time I felt so exhausted I wouldn’t have been able to consider that.
Aside from the normal teary moments my mood has been great. In fact, interestingly, if I now have a day where I feel a bit dreary and tired I have then realised it’s been a day I forgot to take my pill in the morning!

Anyway, I could go on, but you know how amazing they are, so I don’t need to, but I just wanted to thank you for your part in making this birth experience an incredibly positive one, I’m raving to any poor soul who will listen to me about the power of the placenta and your magic pills."




"An unbelievable service from the minute I spoke to Nikki! She took the time to get to know my needs and concerns and offer advice on what tablets would suit me best. I even left it late notice but Nikki still managed to fit me in!! Nikki only picked my placenta up yesterday from hospital and I got the tablets this morning with a gorgeous cord gift as well �� I’m honestly in love with the service got and I can’t wait to start taking my tablets! Thank you so so so much again for everything"